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Today's businesses must be ready to take immediate action in case of a crisis. Business continuity planning provides a way to measure, manage and reduce operational risks.

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Every company is exposed to some form of risk that would be significantly reduced by having a quality Business Continuity Plan.  Whether you are exposed to natural hazards, man-made risks, or significant operations challenges like Lean or Just in Time manufacturing it is likely that you could use a Business Continuity Plan.

Green Oak Solutions is a consulting firm focusing upon development of Business Continuation Plans for the Commercial/Industrial sector with an emphasis on manufacturing facilities.  With over 20 years experience in serving these sectors Green Oak Solutions has developed processes that will streamline your planning process, and deliver results more quickly than most traditional planning methods employed by consultants.

Our philosophy is planning is simple.  While each company's or facility's Business Continuity exposures are different, the means and measures to recover are very similar across companies and industries.  The key is to customize the process to the particular company.

We hope that you can use our site to develop your approach towards planning.  Our resources section offers several links to best in class service providers, and information related to Business Continuity Planning.  You will also find graphical depictions of the planning and response processes that should aid you in identifying which plans you should consider developing as part of your planning program.

Green Oak Solutions offers services that support the design, development and implementation of your planning program.  Whether it is pre incident Risk Identification, Quantification, and Mitigation or development of plans for Post Incident Response, we can assist you with all aspects of your Business Continuity Planning effort.


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Meet Craig Holmes

Green Oak Solutions is owned and led by Craig A. Holmes, PE. Craig has over 25 years experience in Risk Management, Business Continuity Planning, and Property Risk Control.

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